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Warm congratulations to our company whose research results in supporting project


On January 29, the result appraising meeting of the third sub-issue” manufacturing technology research on main cable strands of high and strong suspension bridge with ultra-long and big specifications” of the third issue ” research on key material of cable system of suspension bridge with extra big span” of National Science and Technology Plan supporting project “key technical research and project demonstration of cross-sea suspension bridge of steel box girder with extra big span” is organized by Communication and Transportation Department of Zhejiang Province in Xitang production base of our company .

The certifying commission comprised 9 national famous experts in bridge engineering, with relevant domestic and overseas guests present. Through on-site inspection of cable test, data examination, and hearing of reports on research findings, the present experts and guests agreed that the research findings met all specifications stipulated in the assignment book and reached the international leading level.

This project research is aimed at Xihoumen Bridge Project, the anchoring performance (1770MPa and 1860MPa) of main cable strands of suspension bridge, weaving technique of unit cable strands with ultra-long and large specifications and smart device used to draw and release cable. A 4250-meter-long unit cable of level 1860MPa withФ5.1x169 specification has been weaved, and releasing cable test of overall length has been conducted with smart device.

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