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Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd

Extruded sheath twisted cable

 The stay cable products, which is made by mild twisting with high-strength galvanized steel wire, external hot extrusion high-density polyethylene sheath and installation of anchorage device on both ends, can be widely used as stay cable of stayed-cable bridge, tied cable, suspender cable, sling for suspension bridge and cables for special structure. The double-helix wind-rain induced vibration resistant cables and compound corrosion-resistant cables designed and developed by our company have been widely used in large-span stayed-cable bridges at home and abroad.

Product classification:

GB/T 18365-2001 5MMseries(Ⅰ) GB/T 18365-2001 5MMseries(Ⅱ) Q/IMAA01-2000 5MMseries(Ⅰ)
Q/IMAA01-2000 5MMseries(Ⅱ) Q/IMAA 2-2007 Wind-rain induced vibration resistant 5MMseries(Ⅰ) Q/IMAA 2-2007 Wind-rain induced vibration resistant 5MMseries(Ⅱ)

Product section view:

19silk 31silk 37silk 55silk 61silk 73silk
85silk 91silk 109silk 121silk 127silk 139silk
151silk 163silk 187silk 199silk 211silk 223silk
241silk 253silk 265silk 283silk 295silk 301silk
313silk 337silk 349silk 367silk 379silk 397silk
409silk 421silk 439silk 451silk 475silk 511silk