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Leading technology

    Our company is a professional cable structure products manufacturer integrating design, construction, production and scientific research.
  • 1.   We’re the first domestic company to produce extruded sheath twisted cable and prefabricated parallel wire strands.
  • 2.   We’re the first company to develop double-layer extruded PE sheath cable.
  • 3.   We’re the first company to pass 10000h environmental stress crack resistance and artificial weathering aging by PE, that is, improve the service life of PE 50 years.
  • 4.   We’re the first company to conduct the salt spray test of stay cables.
  • 5.   We’re the first company to pass the fatigue test by PPWS for the main cables of suspension bridge (hot-casting anchor).
  • 6.   We’re the first company to conduct static tests after fatigue test.
  • 7.   We’re the first company to pass 2 million-time 250Mpa fatigue test by stay cable (specification: 7-313,7*73), which wins the title of national new product. The stay cable produced by our company is leading in the world in terms of elasticity modulus and fatigue performance and has been used in largest combined highway and railway stayed cable bridges, such as Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, Yueyang Dongtong Lake Bridge and Xiangtan No.3 Bridge.
  • 8.  We’re the first company to conduct fatigue test in foreign countries (America)
  • 9. We’re the first company to develop compound corrosion resistant cable
  • 10. We’re the first company to produce helix wind-rain induced vibration resistant cable and pass the verification of scientific research results of “Research on Wind-Rain Induced Vibration Resistant Aerodynamic Vibration Reduction Measures for Stay Cables” and the helix aerodynamic wind-rain induced vibration resistant measures of Nanjing Yangtze River No. 2 Bridge are tested for 8 months, experience tests of various wind speed and encounter two typhoons, indicating that the helix is ideal to reduce the wind-rain induced vibration of stay cables.
  • 11. We undertook the first cross-ocean double-helix stayed cable bridge.
  • 12. We produced the extruded sheath twisted cable with the largest specification in China, specification: 7*451
  • 13. We undertook the largest stay cable bridge (Nanjing Yangtze River No. 2 Bridge), largest suspension bridge (Jingyin Bridge in use and Runyang Bridge and Xihoumen Bridge under construction), largest airport (Pudong International Airport), largest stadium (Shanghai Stadium) and largest exhibition center (Harbin International Exhibition Center).
  • 14. We have undertaken the most projects in China.