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Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd

Public environmental information

1.   Basic information

Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd, namely former Shanghai Pujiang Cable Limited Company, is established in 1988, changed as a corporate enterprise in Oct. 30, 2001, we are the unique professional cable structure company that combining scientific research, technology and construction as a whole. As a cable manufacturing enterprise with large-scale, we undertook more than 400 foreign cable works, including suspension bridge with maximum span (Zhejiang Xihoumen Bridge with 1650 meters main span) in China, cable-stayed bridge with maximum span (Nanjing Third Yangzi River Bridge with 684 main span) in China, largest-scale stadium in use (Shanghai Stadium) in China and airport in use with largest cable structure (Shanghai Pudong International Airport) in China.

We are the first enterprise to obtain certificate of GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000 Standard Quality Management System in China among peers; we were named National Key High-Tech Enterprise in 1996 and won the titles of Shanghai Intellectual Property Pilot Enterprise and Patent Pilot Enterprise. We possess the most advanced technical equipment and detection equipment, which can fully meet the specific demands of various users. Paralleled cables, anchorage devices, main rope of suspension cable, prefabricated parallel wire unit we produced have been repeatedly recognized as the Excellent Program in National and Shanghai Torch Plan and won the Science Improvement Award etc; our cable products passed the most stringent testing and certification of international top-level laboratory.

Currently, we have 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd and Shanghai Pujiang Cable Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd is located in Huachun Road, Industry Functional Zone, Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province; its main business scope is manufacturing and processing of stay cable, suspension cable and anchorage device. Shanghai Pujiang Cable Installation Engineering Co., Ltd is located in 1149 Room, No. 3, 889, Suide Road, Putuo District, Shanghai City; its main business scope is cable installation engineering. In addition, it has a small processing and production base for anchorage device in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Pujiang Cable).

To thoroughly implement Scientific Outlook on Development, further grow stronger and larger, promote sound and fast development, we plan to issue shares in A share market in China to raise funds nearly RMB 0.3477 billion. The raised money are planned to invest in Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang Cable Company”), name of the item is “Cable Products Item with 25 Thousand Tons Annual Output of Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd” and “Construction Item for Technology R&D Center of Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd”; currently, EIA Reports on the items have been approved.

2.   Environmental protection management

Shanghai Production Base has prepared corresponding environmental management system, set environmental protection leading group according to scale and characteristics of plan, established and carried out general manager responsibility system, set environmental protection professional institution- environmental protection leading group. Under the leadership of general manager, Operation Department is responsible for environmental protection.

Zhenjiang Pujiang Cable has established a set of perfect environmental protection management system, equipped with a batch of environmental protection full-time and part-time managers with good quality, forming a full set of environmental management network and effectively ensuring that environmental protection can be carried out orderly; meanwhile, established and perfected various environmental protection management system to make environmental protection have rules to follow. In enterprise, it established a perfect environmental management system with complete and invalid original records, statistical data and environmental protection archival data. It was approved by ISO14000 system and obtained the certificate in April 2012.

In addition, we promised to carry out ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in headquarters, supervise and administrate the environmental management status of Shanghai Production Base and Zhejiang Production Base to conform to related requirements of laws and regulations of environmental protection continuously.

2.1 Investment in environmental protection and environmental performance

Recently, we continuously invested in environmental protection improvement, including environmental protection rectification and investment of Shanghai and Zhejiang Pujiang Cable.

Table 1 Investment in environmental protection in 2012.

Serial No

Company name

Name of investment item

Main contents and results of item


Shanghai Pujiang Cable Production Base

Set signboard for industrial solid wastes storage

Installed signboard

Clean Production Audit

Have signed a Clean Production Audit contract with qualified unit

Passed completion acceptance monitoring of “Three Simultaneous

Apply to Putuo District Environmental Protection Agency, passed completion acceptance of “Three Simultaneous”

Established ISO14001 Environmental Management System

Signed a contract with Certification and Auditing Body, established ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and conducted environmental management from high level to all subsidiaries.


Zhejiang Pujiang Cable

Set gas-collecting hood for zinc-copper alloy melting furnace to make exhaust funnel discharge waste gas into upper air after collecting processing to reduce quantity of pollutant discharged


Set gas-collecting hood for plastic extruding machine to make exhaust funnel discharge waste gas into upper air after collecting processing to reduce quantity of pollutant discharged


Set and further standardized the normative temporary storage for hazardous wastes




Set up and further standardized the canopy for general solid waste


Set signboard for noise source, rainwater discharge outlet etc.


Set and further standardized a new temporary storage for hazardous wastes conforming to construction specification


Signed and further standardized the removal agreement with resident live within width of sanitary protection zone





3.  Environmental protection facilities construction and operation

4.1Waste gas produces and environmental facilities operation

Shanghai Pujiang Cable Production Base mainly works on anchorage device machining and there is no waste gas during production process.

Zhejiang Pujiang Cable installed gas-collecting hood for zinc-copper alloy melting furnace and plastic extruding machine, exhaust funnel discharges waste gas produced by zinc-copper alloy melting furnace into upper air after processed by bag-type dust collector; exhaust funnel discharges waste gas produced by plastic extruding machine into upper air after processed by activated carbon; currently, corresponding rectification has been finished; as for waste gas produced by drying oven, according to actual process contents and the certificate issued by Jiashan County Environmental Protection Agency, due to epoxy resin is fully sealed in anchorage device without leakage, waste gas produced by drying oven did not produce pollutant, it is unnecessary to install waste gas collection device; after transformation, waste gas collecting and processing are basically meet the requirements of EIA approval.

4.2Waste water producing and environmental protection facilities

There is no production wastewater in production process of Shanghai Pujiang Cable Production Base; sanitary sewage is brought into municipal wastewater management network through management network of Taopu industrial park.

There is no wastewater in production processing of Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Production Base; there is a little sanitary sewage to discharge; sanitary sewage is brought into wastewater management network after processed by digestion tank of the plant and then brought into sewage treatment plant of Xitang Town to process.

4.4Solid waste produces and environmental protection facilities

Main solid wastes produced by Shanghai Pujiang Cable Production Base include household refuse, inferior-quality product and leftover material of production. Household refuses were disposed by sanitation worker. Leftover materials of production, mainly including metal filings etc, were commissioned to a qualified company to utilize comprehensively. Hazardous wastes, mainly including mixture of waste oil and water, saponification waste liquid, used oil waste etc, were disposed with compliance treatment by qualified company in 2012.

Main solid wastes of Zhejiang Pujiang Cable Production Base are leftover materials, used PE materials, used steel wire, used emulsion, used epoxy resin bucket, used coating bucket, cleaning cloth for waste oil and used mineral oil. It sorts to pile up general solid wastes after collecting; sets a temporary storage for hazardous solid wastes aiming at used emulsion of hazardous solid wastes and commissions a qualified unit to dispose such hazardous solid wastes as used emulsion after collecting.

4.   Pollutant standard of company

Company strictly follows environmental protection laws and regulations and standards, so that its production and operation are accord with the requirements for environmental protection. Recently, serious environmental pollution accident and illegal activities detrimental to environment happened in neither Shanghai production base nor Zhejiang Pujiang Cable; neither was published by environmental protection administration from or above province and accumulative fine from environmental protection administration in every level did not exceed 100,000 RMB. Neither is ordered to conduct governance in limited time; neither is ordered to limit production, discharge or to stop production for remediation.

5.   Cleaner production audit

Shanghai Pujiang Cable production base has signed clearer production technology service contract with qualified unit in October, 2012. It would conduct one time of clean production audit every 5 years according to the regulation of contract.

In the productive process, Zhejiang Pujiang Cable pays attention to the energy conservation and the emission reduction. Currently, it has entrusted qualified unit to conduct cleaner production audit. The audit result is that the pollution production ratio of product is lower than that of general survey, the energy consumption, the fresh water consumption and the discharge of waste water for every 10 thousand yuan worth of industrial value added are lower than the reference value of assessment in Assessment Indicator System for Cleaner Production of Machinery Industry (trial implementation). 

6.   Emergency plan for environmental pollution accident

Shanghai Pujiang Cable production base is a general environment venture firm. The company has established leading group for emergency processing of environmental pollution accident, in which Xu Jimin, the Deputy General Manager, takes the group leader, Li gang, the vice-general manager, takes the deputy leader, all leaders of each department are group members. The group takes charge of organize and coordinate related departments to participate in the danger elimination and damage reduction of environmental pollution accidents. Meanwhile, research to achieve danger elimination and damage reduction (rescue) plan on the basis of on-site situation and organize to execute it.

Aiming at potential emergency, the company established Emergency Plan for Contamination Accident of Co., Ltd.

7.   Improve commitment continuously

Shanghai Pujiang Cable Co., Ltd. commits that it will implement national environmental protection laws and regulation and relevant general requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction, complete the environmental management system further and carry out all environmental production duties.

Establish the environment management of project strictly, and insure the strict implementation of environmental impact assessment on construction project and “three-simultaneity” system. Promote cleaner production further and conduct source control of the production and discharge of pollutants; improve the level and management of environmental protection continuously, and insure the pollution discharge reach the standard; perform pollution discharge declaration and registration system seriously; strength the management and disposal of solid wastes and hazardous wastes, and insure all disposal is appropriate, legal and compliant; perfect the environmental risk prevention system of enterprise continuously, enhance environmental risk prevention awareness of enterprise, improve the ability to manage environmental risk, and insure no serious environmental pollution accident.

In the future, the company will, strictly following the requirements of Environment Information Disclose Method (trail implementation), establish information disclosure system to disclose the environmental protection situation and relevant information of the company in our website and relative media and issue annual environment report according to the regulations and standards of document.